Who we are

It’s All About People (ITAAP) is one of the top Executive Search firms today.

Headquartered in Delhi, we service clients in India and Internationally. We do a sizeable portion of our business in the APAC and MENA region.

We are reputed and highly regarded for our understanding of business drivers, commitment for the job, turnaround times and the quality of matching candidates.

After all, it’s not coincidental that we have a 100% track record of delivery on searches and over 90% repeat business.

Our success is driven by our rigorous approach to research and our continual investment in our networks and business drivers.

When we evaluate candidates, we don't just look at what they've done or where they want to go.

We use rigorous techniques to understand their life and character, their drivers and values. Our unique approach reveals a more detailed and meaningful portrait of the person behind the CV or resume. It means we can find people who match a client’s requirement perfectly and add value from day one. And it enables our candidates to achieve their personal ambitions.

Our aim is to provide the best service and be recognized as the recruiter of choice with all of our clients.

We do not look to fill every role our clients have, just the ones that require specialist assistance.

What we do

Our clients, ranging from global corporations to start-ups, recognize that it is only through their people that they can achieve their ambitious goals.
The typical mandates that we undertake are the challenging ones.

  • A new company looking to build its founding team

    New ventures live or die by their founding team. Identifying , attracting and selection of the founding team for a new company is a unique challenge. It requires understanding of not just the competencies required, but also the vision and mission of the organization and how each of the founding team members enable building of the foundation of the organization.

    We help you identifying a team complementary to the skills of the founder with an intention of building the company and taking the original idea and creating a business model round it .

    The value held by each founding member evaluated.

  • A new division of a company looking for subject matter experts/specialist

    Every team needs a good leader and some subject matter experts. Whilst, the leader manages the people, the subject matter experts come with a proven record in their subject and are thoroughbred to hit the ground running from day one.

    Identifying there bona fide experts from different fields and industries through our industry insiders/ channels and existing network is skill our consultants are experts of.

  • Critical hiring mandates that require a good understanding of the business realities

    The mandate can be a single "Critical Hire" or strengthening a particular function/ Management Cadre within the organization with an eventuality of multiple hires. Such roles, whether junior or senior, are so critical to organization and its business strategy. They can literally make or break a company even for a day. Such roles need faster turnaround in hiring. We have strong research and delivery capabilities in this area

    We do a calculated, researched, invested search which will provide you with the top caliber talent you need in a cost effective and timely manner.

  • Urgent Project Hires

    Bringing in new projects, opening a new branch, sudden recruitment challenges sometimes demands scaling up the team / bringing in newer competencies.

    Identifying these resources with different skills that compliment each other in a team set up is one of our expertise. Because of our understanding of the nuances of such project hiring in the past, we are equipped to provide you a with the right fit talent in the shortest time .

    We like to service the clients in domains where we understand the candidates closely.

    We have strong network and deep relations with pedigreed candidates spanning Senior Managers to C-Levels comprising

    (1)Market Research Leaders
    (2)Specialist Qualitative and Qualitative Researcher
    (3)Marketing and Brand Management and Leaders
    (4) Analytics Specialists , especially in Big Data
    (5)Innovation heads
    (6)Digital Product Managers
    (7)Human Resource Specialists

How are we different?

We are refreshingly different! We pick up challenging mandates, the ones that require specialist assistance. And we have a very simple approach

1) We internalize what you need as

we believe in fully immersing ourselves in your business -in order to completely appreciate your aspirations, culture and environment. That way, when managing a search assignment, we know exactly where to look to find the best talent to suit your organisation. Immersion also enables us to accurately assess whether an individual has the right style and behaviours to be successful within your business.

2) We understand who will fit

Our understanding of your business drivers enables us to provide you with the greatest competitive advantage. Truly understanding your business also enables us to build the right filtering parameters. This also allows us to understand your talent requirements so that we can rigorously assess candidate suitability and cultural fit. This balance of dynamic attraction and rigourous assessment ensures that our shortlists are of the highest quality.

3) We build trusting relations with candidates

We have systems and processes to map candidates’ aspirations and strengths understand and we foster a culture to empathise with them. We consider it essential that candidates are provided with a positive experience regardless of the outcome of the recruitment process. We are honest with our feedback but ensure that they do not leave the process feeling deflated or negative. We are a bee hive for the high performing candidates that enable them to construct their career moves without keeping their guards up.

4) We focus on the right candidates

We follow a high degree of discernment when identifying the right person for the job . We operate through domain and functional specialist team providing customized solutions and high conversion rate because of their expertise and background in their areas. We are able to identify candidates who may not be in less predictable jobs and geographies. We do extensive ground work in shortlisting the candidate profile and create a compelling story to attract and engage the very best talent among them.
This balance of dynamic attraction and rigourous assessment ensures that our shortlists are of the highest quality.

Our Team

Transforming Careers And Companies

All our associates and consultants have a wealth of experience from both inside and outside the recruitment sector. They are supported by an in-house team of researchers.
The team is led by our founder Nidhi Kalra.

Nidhi Kalra-Founder,ITAAP

Nidhi Kalra is a passionate cook who loves experimenting with world cuisines. Her interest in food has gone from being a dull necessity to something approaching a craft. She runs ‘Passion in a Bowl’- culinary workshops for people who want to discover the same passion or want to cook up a storm in the kitchen. She loves the pleasure food gives, both to others and to herself.

She carries the same passion as a leader in the recruitment business, her drive for taking people out of boring jobs and ‘blinging up’ their careers. Nidhi has been leading recruitment businesses since 2007. After working in Brand, Consulting and Market Research Industry for almost a decade, with her flair for building high performing teams she has been enabling people to find their passion at work.

Nidhi has ingrained in the ITAAP team , the spirit to be agile partners delivering best fit candidates for our clients.

At ITAAP, Nidhi has attracted a team of Principals and consultants who are not only experts in their fields, but share the passion of realizing the meaning of Its All About People, by making talent meet the right opportunity.

Some of our best candidates are often introduced to us by our network of contracts, registered and placed candidates. As part of our candidate attraction strategy we believe it is only right to thank those who point good people in our direction.

We are planning a Candidate Referral Scheme, whereby we will give you rewards depending on the level of candidate and the nature of the introduction.
Similarly we are planning a Business referral, where if you introduce us to a business that is looking for talent in areas that we operate in.
The details of these referral schemes will be announced shortly.

Referral Schemes

coming soon

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